Posted By: Konstantinos Arfanakis - Dec 8, 2016
Tool/Resource: IIT Human Brain Atlas (v.4.1)
New study by Cabeen, Bastin & Laidlaw, Neuroimage 2017 ( shows that the DTI template of the IIT Human Brain Atlas (v.4.1) has similar and in some cases superior performance compared to study-specific templates. This is in agreement with our 2013 paper ( and it has to do with the quality of our DTI template. The reason study-specific templates are thought to be superior to standardized templates is because the paper by van Hecke et al., Neuroimage 2011 ( used standardized templates of lower quality.

In addition, our standardized template offers the following advantages over study-specific templates:
a) Consistently high spatial normalization accuracy.
b) Minimizes complexity.
c) Facilitates integration of findings across studies.
d) Labels and other resources are available.
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