IIT Human Brain Atlas (v.4.1)

The IIT Human Brain Atlas (v.4.1) contains anatomical, DTI, HARDI templates, probabilistic gray matter labels, probabilistic connectivity-based white matter labels, and major fiber-bundles of the adult human brain in ICBM-152 space. Artifact-free MRI data from 72 human subjects were used in the development of the atlas. All diffusion MRI data collection was conducted using Turboprop, and spatial normalization was accomplished in a population-based fashion. If you use or present components of the atlas, please reference: Varentsova A, Zhang S, Arfanakis K. Development of a High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging Human Brain Template. NeuroImage 2014;91:177-186.

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Version 4.1 was uploaded on 10/15/15.

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